City Mom’s Kitchen: Mashed Potato Bar

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My mouth is watering as I type that title; I LOVE mashed potatoes. Really, who doesn’t?

Back in September I attended a wedding of a self-professed meat and potatoes couple. The meal served by the local catering company was so impressive that I served it myself this Christmas. They put a really elegant and unique spin on the good old potato and made it wedding-suitable. It’s so easy to do, yet it is so loved by all who get to experience it.


The idea of a mashed potato bar is much like a buffet; a mashed potato buffet. Start with your favourite mashed potato recipe. I used this one. Note that this recipe is not waistline-friendly.

Once you’ve got your mashed potatoes whipped up, place them in a slow cooker on low heat.  If your slow cooker has a Keep Warm setting, this might be a better choice. It really depends on how long between your potato prep and your meal.


Here is the fun part. The sky is the limit when choosing the toppings for your mashed potato bar. I chose two different types of cheese; cheddar/mozzarella mix and Tex Mex mix.

I also provided fresh chives, bacon pieces, sour cream, chives & garlic cream cheese and salsa as topping options.

Mashed Potato Bar Toppings


Preparing and serving your Mashed Potato Bar is all about the martini glasses. I didn’t have a set with enough to serve my entire family at our Christmas dinner so I made a quick stop at Dollarama. Luckily they had martini glasses in stock and I was able to buy 11 glasses for under $20.00.

Arrange your toppings around or near the mashed potatoes in individual bowls with serving spoons. I was limited in space and time and I would have liked to get a lot more creative. Consider making labels for each topping and including a fun, printed table-cloth. Again, the options are endless!

Allow your guests to serve themselves and customize their martini glass mashed potatoes, they’ll be a huge hit!

Mashed Potato Bar

What is your favourite meal to serve at family gatherings? What other toppings would you add to a mashed potato bar?

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