This Week on City Mom: Healthy Mama

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world! We are responsible for every aspect of our children’s lives and wellbeing. With all that responsibility comes a sometimes hectic schedule. When it comes to providing healthy meal s for our families it can be overwhelming to try to combine the speed and ease of meal-prep with a nutrient packed dish.

This week on City Mom we take a guided tour of Loblaws at Richmond North with Melissa Briones, a certified dietician.

Melissa shows us how to make nutritious choices , how to read food labels, what sections of the store to focus on and nutrition related services Loblaws offers.

And for those days when eating out is a necessity (or just for fun) we visit Organic Works on Wellington Street. This is one of my favourite spaces in all of London. Owned by Peter Cuddy, Organic Works specializes in recipes made with organic, gluten-free, nut free and vegan ingredients.

First we focus on the amazing fresh grain products coming from the bakery. From gluten-free breads, buns, dinner rolls, banana bread and cookies to their eat-in cafe, Organic Works is a true culinary gem!

It’s not only the amazing and healthful staples that makes Organic Works such a treat but also their interior design and overall atmosphere. We get to chat with the designer, Kate Gielen from Gielen Design who shares her design inspiration on creating the space.

If you haven’t visited Organic Works yet, you’ll love seeing it in today’s episode. If you’re already a fan like me, then you know why I chose to feature this awesome place.


This week in City Mom’s Kitchen we’re working with Chef Tom from the President’s Choice Cooking School and visiting Jaydancin to learn about more good-for-you items.


Tune in next Tuesday at 7:00 PM to watch as we visit with Bernice Robinson, a personal trainer. She’ll share some easy exercise tips, a healthy meal from her nutritional plan and information about her personal training studio. We’ll also take a look at one of the fitness world’s hottest trends called Kangoo Jumps!

Hope to see you then!