Join the FINISH Revolution {#FINISHRevolution}



I’m really excited to share the news that I’ve joined the FINISH Revolution! If you’re not sure what that means then here is the gist…

Quite simply put, joining the FINISH Revolution means putting an end to rinsing your dishes before they go in to the dishwasher.  FINISH® is continuously innovating and testing their products to ensure excellent results every time. And FINISH® is the number one recommended brand by dishwasher brands.

What I’m most excited about by joining the FINISH Revolution is surprising my husband. You see I’ve always assumed that if you own a dishwasher, it’ll do the work for you. It just doesn’t make sense to me that you should have to wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Doesn’t that just say “time waster”?

So I don’t do it. I put them in as is and I hope for the best. Time and time again they come out unclean. This has become a bone of contention between me and my husband.  He argues that dishes need to be rinsed for all types of dishwashers, except for maybe restaurant grade varieties. Call it stubbornness on my part but I can’t seem to get myself to rinse first. What’s the point of owning a dishwasher if it doesn’t do its job?

The Diamond Standard

So here I was spending all this time blaming the dishwasher for my dish cleaning woes but it turns out that it’s not the appliance but the product I’ve been using with the appliance. That’s why I’m so excited to switch to FINISH; to save time and energy and to prove my husband wrong!

FINISH® has a number of innovative products to compliment your hardworking dishwasher. Check out the FINISH Dishwashing website to learn more about all the products they offer and how they work as well as tips to keeping your dishwasher working its best.

  • FINISH® Quantum®
  • FINISH® All in 1 Powerball® Tabs
  • FINISH® All in 1 Gelpacs
  • FINISH® Gel
  • FINISH® Powder
  • FINISH® Jet Dry® Rinse Agent
  • FINISH® Jet Dry® Turbo Dry®
  • FINISH® Dishwasher Cleaner


FINISH has just launched their new Facebook page and they are giving away 50,000 Free Quantum samples starting today (March 12), while supplies last, to Facebook users who “Like” the FINISH page. The sample will include 3 units of FINISH Quantum and a coupon for $2 off the retail price.


And even more exciting is that FINISH is the sponsor of the popular Food Network TV show, Top Chef Canada! The new season starts tonight (March 12) and to celebrate this sponsorship, moms (and dads) can visit the FINISH Facebook page to enter to win a catered dinner for up to 6 by one of the Top Chef Canada competitors! Check out the Top Chef Canada tab on the site for more details!

And stay tuned for next month’s post where I’ll share the results of our FINISH Revolution and how my husband took the news! What are your dishwashing habits? Do you rinse before you put?

Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

Happy cleaning!