A Mom’s Fashion Guide to Clubbing

Next weekend I’m going clubbing! That’s right, this mid-thirties mama is turning back the clock about half a decade, give or take a year (okay, give) to try to relive my youth.

Back then I had it all together. I had club wear oozing out of my closet. Skirts, dresses, tank tops, accessories, you name it, I had it. I was on top of the fashion trends and there was never any question as what to wear. Now, I feel like a lost puppy; so out of my element.

Normally I wouldn’t be ‘clubbing’ (is that still what the kids are calling it today?) but it’s my younger brother-in-law’s 30th birthday and well, this is just what family does right?

I will sacrifice a night of getting pushed around, spilled on, ogled, or not getting ogled (I don’t know which is worse at this age) and nursing a giant hangover the next day; all in the name of love, brotherly love.


The main issue here is trying to figure out what to wear. Now-a-days it’s not just about what’s trendy, but also what’s flattering. I’ll admit that my body isn’t quite the same as it was back in the day. So the tricky part is finding something stylish but complimentary and club-suitable. And we can’t forget about comfort, though it’s not at the top of my list.

I needed some advice so I turned to Google. Armed with the phrase “30-something club wear”  I searched to no avail. I found a couple of forums that discussed dressing too young and dressing too old and some other articles about dressing in general, but nothing on 30-something club wear.

One of two things could be assumed from my findings:

  1. There’s just not enough good content out there, so write a post to create some OR
  2. 30-somethings don’t belong in a club and therefore content is not readily available as there’s no demand for it

I chose to believe in option number one, so I decided to create this useful guide that I just know will come in really handy!


  1. Layers: layering allows for trendy to meet with flattery. A fitted tank top underneath a blazer allows for emphasis of your womanly features but also allows some forgiveness in the other areas where women tend to want coverage. Layers are also handy in the event that you have enough to drink (a.k.a. Liquid Courage) and you begin to believe you are the hottest woman in the club with the sickest dance moves. You’re then able to remove the jacket and let loose.I have selected this blazer, the Neil Jacket from Aritzia. It has a feminine cut which dresses it up and it sits just at the hip bones to ensure those handles are covered.
  1. Go Glam: selecting glamorous fabrics like these Shiny Leggings from Dynamite really dress up an otherwise safe choice. Depending on what your best assets are, leggings paired with a detailed or long top help to accentuate your legs and take focus away from your midsection, a trouble area for many women.
  1. Show some skin: what you decide to put under the blazer can vary depending on the look you’re going for and the assets you have. This is a chance to show some skin in a subtle way that is not only age appropriate but sexy. I like this Sequin Cami from Dynamite.
  1. Use accessories to glam it up: If you choose something like the Sequin Cami, I would suggest passing on a necklace since there’s already a lot of detail with the sparkle in the top.However, if you want to glam it up with accessories I suggest a subdued, but fitted top underneath that still says style but allows for some fun with accessories. I like the Tight-fitting Flirty Tank paired with the Beaded Necklace with Grosgrain Ribbon from Le Château. Throw in a sparkly clutch like the Allover Gemstone Flapover Clutch from Le Château and a pair of hoop earings and you’re all set.

  1. It’s all in the shoe: the last, but definitely not the least, piece to creating the perfect, sexy yet age appropriate club-worthy outfit is what you put on your feet. Depending on the time of year you may want to choose a knee-high boot or a pair of heels. I like the buckled leatherette platform boot from GoJane.com. The gathered fabric and metallic buckles add some extra bling and help to even out the thigh to calf ratio.On the other hand, or foot I should say, you can never say enough about a pair of sexy heels. I like the leopard lace bow platform from GoJane.com. Animal prints are really ‘in’ this season and they add some interest to the outfit.


I’m not sure how this is going to all come together, but this is the plan I’m going with. I’ll provide some photos of the final outcome and share details on how the night went. Wish me luck!

Where do you find your fashion inspiration for special events?