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We Moved!

You may have noticed that I was pretty quiet for the past few months…I apologize for that but it’s for good reason; we moved!

If you’ve moved before, you know how time consuming and stressful it can be. Not only did we move, but we sold almost all of our “stuff” and that took up a ton of time too.

You see, we bought a model home and chose the option to buy everything in it; from the furniture to the books to the candles, if it was in the home when we bought it, we kept it! Not only did we get all new things, but the colour scheme is completely different than our old home so almost everything had to go!


If you follow along with City Mom, you know that we absolutely loved our downtown home and loved being a part of the hustle and bustle the city centre offers. However, it did start to show a few downsides…don’t get me wrong…I still totally support urban living with children, but for our particular family, in our particular situation, it was the best decision at this time in our lives.

As Little S is an only child, she is constantly craving playmates; while I love a good American Girl doll session, I have my limits. Since she was the only child in the building downtown, playmates didn’t really exist. Furthermore, she didn’t have access to freely come and go, to ride her bike along the sidewalk and to play outside with other kids because of our high-rise location.


Once we decided that we wanted to make the move, we began our search. We browsed on and off without finding anything that we really loved. It either came down to price, location or size; none of which seemed to suit us.

We had come to love the ease of condo-life too much. It meant no outside maintenance, grass cutting, snow shoveling etc. but we were done with the high-rise lifestyle (for now). Nothing grabbed our attention enough to convince us that it was time to go.

One Sunday afternoon early last spring, we happened to drive by some signs that stated an Open House so we decided to check it out and we quickly fell in love with what we saw. Fast forward a few months and we were living in our new home.

And the best part? It’s still in London and it’s still a condo so we get the best of both worlds (in our opinion); we get the things we were missing like a driveway for playing, neighbours with young children and a yard but, we also  keep our low-maintenance lifestyle.

Before we actually moved but had sealed the deal, I kept telling others that we would be back downtown by the time Little S was ready to go to high school…and while I can’t predict the future, I’m not so sure that is true anymore. We love our new home so much. But that is why life is such an adventure; you never know what the next chapter is going to bring!

Stay tuned for my next post where I will share the other floors of our new home and some fun details about buying a furnished model home.

When is the last time that you moved?

City Mom




This Week on City Mom: Home Makeover

Condo living has its benefits. That’s what City Mom is all about after all; however there is one downfall and that is a lack of storage.

Back when we lived in the ‘burbs’, we had an unfinished basement. That translates to tons of storage room! When we moved to our condo, we purged a lot of stuff, but as time went on we accumulated more and more; and when we finished unpacking our boxes, things that didn’t have a specific home ended up in our ‘office’.

Eventually our office space turned into a junk room. With a lack of organization and a unusual room layout,  it became difficult to figure out what went where and I soon found myself working at our kitchen counter. Clearly it was time to seek the help of a professional!

Junk Room

Junk Room


Enter Karen Hunt of Hunt Studio Design.

Not only a skilled design professional, Karen is one of those people you just feel good being around. I just loved working with her. She sure knows her stuff.

What I loved most about working with Karen was her ability to discover our unique style by questioning our likes and dislikes and including elements of rooms we had already completed. I felt very confident in letting her have free reign of our office and entry way and was so excited to see the outcome.

The result is not only a functional office space but also an esthetically pleasing space to live in. Not to mention the increase in property value she created by turning a ‘closet’ into an additional room in our home.

When I look back at the before pictures I shudder at the thought of living within that space. It was overwhelming and stress-causing.

Take the entry way alone. Though it wasn’t crazy out of control, we weren’t making the best use of our space. By something as simple as adding two large mirrors (on top another) it created a grand entrance opposed to a boring hallway. This is where Karen’s eye for design shows.

Hunt Studio Design

With custom shelving by Sasha Markovic of Markovic Design Inc, personalized upholstery work by Russell Upholstery, updated paint and effective lighting solutions by Rona, our space turned from flat and chaotic to elegant and calm, functional and inviting.

To see the completed rooms and the amazing ‘after’ pictures you’ll have to tune in!






Sasha Markovic, Markovic Design Inc

197 Exeter Rd Unit G, London ON Tel:  519-878-9858


1305 Commissioners Rd East, London, ON Tel: 519-649-6603

Russell Upholstery

465 Nightingale Ave. London, ON Tel: 519-619-9500


During this week’s episode you get to see Karen create an eye-catching photo wall and she’ll share tips on how to achieve the look. It took careful planning, measuring and leveling to create the design but it was so worth it!

Karen used a handy tool called the Hang & Level by Under The Roof Decorating and today you can enter to win your very own!


The Hang & Level tool is a picture and art hanging tool designed to mark exactly where the nail or hook goes, making it quick and easy to decorate your walls like a true professional.  It will help you to hang your pictures where you want to on the first try; no extra holes or damage to the wall caused by rehanging misaligned frames!


Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Contest open to London residents.

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