Lakes of Wasaga: Our Favourite South Western Ontario Travel Destination

Lakes of Wasaga

This past weekend we spent three relaxing nights at Lakes of Wasaga Resort. This was not our first time visiting Lakes of Wasaga; in fact this was our fourth time staying at this amazing, family friendly resort.

Last year my family and I were invited to visit Lakes of Wasaga for our first time. From there we were in love. After our first visit we were smitten so we booked another stay over the Labour Day weekend. Again, totally in love, we decided to book this summer’s two week vacation there as well.

In total we have spent 21 nights at Lakes of Wasaga and you sure don’t spend that much time somewhere that you don’t love; so why do we love LoW so much? Here’s why (in no particular order):


Lakes of Wasaga

Lakes of Wasaga is set in a spacious neighbourhood-type community. One of the things we love the most is that the speed limit within LoW is 15km/hr and everyone seems to follow this rule. This sense of security has given us peace-of-mind to allow Little S to walk and ride her bike around the resort on her own and this is something she doesn’t get much of at home.

Of course no neighbourhood is complete without your neighbours and we always love the friendliness of the owners and other renters.  We met a wonderful family from Quebec that were renting for a week and we enjoyed campfires together while the kids played. Everyone, including the staff, is extremely welcoming and helpful.


Lakes of Wasaga Amenities

Lakes of Wasaga features many family friendly amenities which make it impossible to get bored. There are four swimming pools one of which is set inside which is great for rainy days.  There is also one adults-only pool which we haven’t spent any time in ourselves but it’s nice if you ever take a break from parenting.

Among the multiple swimming pools there is also an 18-hold mini golf course, tennis courts, basketball court, playground and more. There is always something to do whether it’s making use of the resort amenities or participating in the planned activities for children and adults.


Lakes of Wasaga 2 Bedroom Chalet

In terms of the different types of accommodation available at LoW we have been lucky enough to try almost all of the varieties and they are all top-notch.  Last year we stayed in a 3 bedroom chalet which was more than enough space for our little family. We then booked a RV Cottage for our second weekend and our two-week stay and our most recent stay saw us in a two bedroom chalet.

It’s hard to say which has been our favourite as they all have their pros; the 3 bedroom Chalet is spacious and luxurious yet maintains the cottage feel. The RV Cottage is quaint and has everything we need but remains very affordable. To risk sounding like Goldilocks, the 2 bedroom chalet is just right for us in terms of space but still has a nice spacious feel similar to the 3 bedroom chalet.


Georgian Bay Sunset

Even though Wasaga Beach is a three and half hour drive for us from London, we still consider it to be a reasonable distance. That is likely because of what is at the end of it. Wasaga Beach boasts wonderful public beaches as well as a lovely, less busy beach that is part of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park that is a 5 minute walk from LoW.

Wasaga Beach offers lots of restaurants, grocery shopping and other activities to enhance your stay. From Go Karts to Paintball and Farmer’s Markets to Spas, you will find lots to do in the area.


Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway to rent for your summer vacation or looking to buy a summer residence, we highly recommend visiting Lakes of Wasaga. Rental rates start as low as $1095/wk during peak season which if you’ve ever rented a cottage you’ll recognize this as a very affordable rate.

RV Cottages are also extremely affordable to buy starting at $79,999 which is in large part thanks to the affordability that land leasing allows.

We have really enjoyed our time at Lakes of Wasaga and I know this won’t have been our last visit. If you have any questions about our stay(s) feel free to ask in the comments below. If you visit Lakes of Wasaga, let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary accommodation in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own. 

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