Urban Exposure: One Diva and a Cupcake

One Diva & a Cupcake

Earlier this week I posted about my daughter’s Bubblegum Birthday Party and the ‘how to’s’ behind the theme. The party would not have been complete without the bubblegum flavoured cupcakes we used instead of birthday cake.

Those cupcakes came from One Diva and a Cupcake from right here in London. They were so delicious. The frosting (real bubblegum flavoured butter cream) was to die for and the cake was moist and heavenly and the pretty pink design with gum ball topper really completed our theme!

One Diva and a Cupcake


One Diva and a Cupcake is owned and operated by Jennifer Cordeiro. Jennifer opened up shop in Hyde Park at Gainsborough & Hyde Park Road in March 2012. Previous to March, Jennifer was creating cupcakes at home through a commercial kitchen and things just got too busy. This wasn’t a bad thing for Jennifer; she spent two days looking for a shop location and when her current location became available she snapped it up.

One Diva and a Cupcake

Jennifer carries 40 different flavours of cupcakes at One Diva and a Cupcake, but you won’t find all 40 on-shelf every day. Their most popular varieties can always be found like Chocolate Skor, Cookies ‘n Cream and Caramel. Then she chooses four to six of the other flavours to feature that day. Think Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mint and Cherry Cheesecake. Is your mouth watering yet?

One Diva and a Cupcake


If 40 different flavours aren’t enough for you, there’s more! Cakes, cookies and boutique-style shopping are all possible at One Diva and a Cupcake.

From Christmas cookies to birthday cakes to One Diva and a Cupcake’s own line of soaps and body creams, this London gem is so much more than cupcakes. On my visit, I couldn’t stop from shopping the unique items Jennifer carries in the boutique. Jewelry, children’s crochet hats and designer looking purses were among the many items distracting me from my interview.

One Diva and a Cupcake


When you enter One Diva and a Cupcake you feel like a diva yourself. With its warm purple walls (Jennifer’s favourite colour), damask accents and purple dangling accents, the interior is fit for a queen!

You’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay for a while and spend time in the café sipping on tea, tasting cupcakes or enjoying a light lunch!

And if that just isn’t enough time, you can rent the cafe too. One Diva and a Cupcake offers facility rentals at $50/hr for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and more. Offer your guests a light lunch and cupcake decorating or build your package to suit your needs. Why not decorate an apron or build a teddy bear? Or visit One Diva and a Cupcake to have your future read by a medium (available twice a month). How fun is that?

If you haven’t already go check out One Diva and a Cupcake and tell her City Mom sent you…you’ll be so glad you did!


Web:  twodivasandacupcake.com/

Facebook:  facebook.com/onedivaandacupcake