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Stella and Sam


Stella and Sam
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When I was asked to review some episodes of Stella and Sam I was really excited. Stella and Sam started out as a book series by Canadian Marie-Louise Gay before it became a children’s TV show on Playhouse Disney.

First we read the book; Stella and her little brother Sam are adorable, loveable characters who love to use their imaginations. The TV version is even cuter. The show is presented in a storybook illustration style and the character’s voices and theme song are also really cute. Check out the song here.

Stella and her little brother Sam always seem to be outside finding adventures. Sam, being the younger sibling, often looks to Stella to answer life’s biggest questions. From why leaves fall from trees in autumn to insects that come out at night, Sam is full of wonder and Stella is full of explanations.

Little S loved the book and TV shows equally. While watching one of the episodes where Stella and Sam were playing on a big hill turned volcano, Little S asked excitedly if we could do that in the summer. Anything that evokes thought and imagination is good in my books and I highly recommend this cute show for your kids!

Catch Stella and Sam on weekend mornings at 10:30 a.m. ET on Disney Playhouse channel. You can also find Stella and Sam activities, stories on games on the Disney Playhouse website.


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