Magazine-Worthy Holiday Table for Under $50

Holiday Table on a Budget

When I received the most recent edition of Canada’s Style at Home magazine, I was really taken with the holiday dining table image on the cover. In fact, the entire issue had some gorgeous holiday design ideas. Sadly for me, I do not have the budget to recreate the image exactly, not even close in fact. I imagine the table accessorizing cost hundreds of dollars.

We are just not a hundreds-of-dollars-holiday-table kind of family so what is a girl to do who wants to have one but can’t? I decided that I was going to go out in search of items that could create the same sort of feel as the magazine design for a fraction of the cost.

I think I was pretty successful in my hunt and I was able to create a pleasing holiday table that not only fit our budget, but also our small dining table.


I should note that I already owned the wine glasses, dinner plates and cutlery so they are not included in the fifty dollar budget.

I bought everything at Dollarama except for the red tea light lanterns; those I found at Loblaws for just five dollars each.

Holiday Table on a Budget

List of items I used are as follows:

  • Two sparkle pillar candles
  • Silver paper napkins and one set of red tree ornaments
  • Silver tablecloth
  • Pinecone greenery
  • Two snow-covered candle wreaths
  • Four silver serving platters
  • Four antique-looking china bowls
  • Two tea light lanterns
  • One LED Pillar candle
  • Dinner plates
  • Silverware
  • Wine glasses

Holiday Table on a Budget

I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my little project and now we’ll be ready for any drop-ins over the holidays as my table will always be set.

Holiday Table on a Budget

What do you think? What project would you love to try on a budget?

City Mom

Dollar Store Chic


I don’t consider myself a regular dollar store shopper.  I visit occasionally for things like wrapping paper, ribbon etc. but not much else draws me in.  Well that all changed last week when I read this post by a brilliant bargain finder and talented designer.  

You see I love creating things but it’s usually the cost that keeps me from doing it regularly.  I like to paint my art to adorn the walls of our condo and somewhere in our junk closet I have a craft caddy that gets used occasionally.  But after reading Katie’s post I felt inspired. 

One of my Art Pieces


That night I went to Dollarama.  I wanted to prove to myself that I had a keen eye.  I wanted to testify that I was able to spot the potential of what most would see as undesirable items. 

 I had a hard time.  

Perhaps I have trouble seeing the beauty on the inside…but that’s a different post altogether.  I did manage to find some items that I felt could be enhanced to fit into my Christmas decorating theme.  

Dollar Store Decorating 

The colour scheme that we have used since my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together is black, red and silver.  You can see it displayed on our Christmas tree here.  Red wasn’t hard to find at all, but items in black and silver were not as easy.  Thankfully I had a can of silver spray paint at home.  This allowed me to look outside the colour scheme with the knowledge that I could change it at home. 

So for $10 I purchased these items: 


And here is how it turned out… 


Not bad in my opinion.  

Here’s how I did it: 

  1. I spray painted the two cherubs with a shiny silver paint and a matte silver paint to create a pewter effect
  2. I separated the cedar sprigs from the branches
  3. Next, I affixed them with a glue gun (it was hidden in the caddy) to the stems of the floral sprigs
  4. I filled the bottom of the vase with the leftover cedar sprigs
  5. I arranged the floral sprigs until they filled the vase nicely 
  6. I cut one silver berry from the floral sprig to save for later
  7. I found some black ribbon (again, courtesy of the craft caddy) and glued it around the centre point of the vase
  8. Lastly, I glued the single silver berry to the centre of the ribbon to cover up my glue spots


I learned a valuable experience.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you don’t need a large budget to decorate well.  

I’d love to hear about your clever dollar store finds.  Share them with me.  

Thanks to Fire Wife Katie for the inspiration.

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