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Downtown London: Not Just a Great Place to Raise Kids

Downtown Wedding

Photography by The Last Forty Percent

Downtown London is a lot of things to a lot of people.  To me and my family its home.  To Marika and Scott Webb, its the setting in which they became husband and wife.

As the first ever couple to marry in the Central Library Rotary Reading Garden, Marika and Scott fell in love with the trendy downtown vibe that London has to offer years before their nuptials actually took place. 

A number of years before, Marika’s sister (who is a jewelry maker) held a show at The ARTS Project.  When Marika and Scott attended her show, they fell in love with the space. 

Come wedding planning time they knew they liked the feel of an art gallery for their reception but weren’t wild about the formality that a venue like Museum London would offer.  The ARTS Project seemed the perfect place. 

In planning for the ceremony, they wanted to ensure their forty-five guests did not have far to travel from ceremony to reception.  When the idea of the Central Library Rotary Reading Garden was suggested the couple was thrilled.  Yet they were soon to learn the cost was out of their price range.   It must have been Kismet because eleven months later they became husband and wife at that very location. 

Money didn’t magically appear for this couple; it was thanks to their caterer/planner Colin Foster from the Braywick Bistro/Wicked Catering.  Colin not only prepared the picturesque food for the affair but also managed to negotiate the price of the reading garden to make it affordable for Marika and Scott.

Colin is part of the London Downtown Business Association and did some networking to help get other downtown vendors on board with this urban espousal.  After all, the entire wedding, including their gift registration (which was at Kingsmills) was to be taking place in the downtown core. 

Downtown vendors responded to the call and to the unique event of the first entirely downtown wedding:

  • Hotel Metro provided a complimentary suite for the couple on their wedding night
  • Kingsmills and other vendors provided the couple with Downtown Bucks as a wedding gift
  • The Delta Armories provided brunch the following morning
  • Citi Plaza provided free parking to Marika and Scott’s guests and covered the cost of security
  • The Yew Tree Spa provided Marika with a manicure before the wedding

Marika and Scott credit the success of their wedding to Colin Foster and the other vendors from the downtown core. “They gave us their support which was the biggest thing.  They made it known that they wanted this to work out well.  They wanted it to be a successful downtown wedding and they helped us get past some of the obstacles.”

With the newlyweds spending their honeymoon in the city of New Orleans, Scott previously attending university in downtown Toronto and their downtown wedding, these two lovebirds have proven themselves true urbanites.  With possible future plans to raise children in the downtown core, we may just see them again in these parts.

 Now where is the best downtown venue to hold a baby shower?
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The Diary of a Disgruntled Pedestrian

Dear Diary

October 25, 2010

Dear Diary,

Now that I live downtown, I spend a lot of time on the sidewalks, walking through intersections and using crosswalks. Today I have to admit to you that from all this exposure I have become a disgruntled pedestrian.

We all know the rules of the road as drivers; red means stop and green means go. What people seem to be clueless about are the rules of the sidewalk. Unfortunately, there is no handbook or exam to take for a licence to walk the streets. There is however an unwritten set of rules; a mutual understanding. I want to make it my mission to write these rules and share them with the world.

Rule #1
Walk on the right side. When using the sidewalk, the left side of your body should be in the centre of the sidewalk; just as we drive on the right side of the road.

Rule #2
Pedestrians with strollers or young children earn the right of way. This is assuming you have already broken #1. Don’t make someone with child walk nearest to the road.

Rule #3
As a driver, do not pull out over the sidewalk. Stay behind the sidewalk line until you have a clear opening to proceed. Should you find yourself on the sidewalk and a pedestrian comes along, back that thing up!

Rule #4
Again, as a driver, do not pull out into any intersection until it is clear to go. Blocking the road between two sections of sidewalk causes the pedestrian to walk into the line of traffic. The same goes for major intersections. Those two white lines indicate where feet should be, not tires.

So you see diary, whether you are the driver or the pedestrian it is of utmost importance that these rules are followed. In return, I promise never to jaywalk or to start crossing the road after the hand signal has started to flash. If someone fails to adhere to this list, they may just run into a disgruntled pedestrian like me.

Happy strolling!

Photo courtesy of Photographed by nuttakit.

Great News For the Downtown Core

Hot off the press…I’m excited to share:  LTC Pilot Project

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