DETOX Diaries: My first 5 days


If you missed my first DETOX post you can catch up here.

Day One – No chewing

Today was a difficult day. It started off with a glass of water and lemon and ended with exhaustion! I found many food combinations that tasted great but I spent hours in the kitchen cutting, chopping, peeling and blending.

I wasn’t as hungry as I expected I’d be after consuming only liquids and pureed foods and not being able to chew. This is something  I learned; when you chew, you send a message to your brain that you’re eating food and your brain responds by sending the food down the full digestive tract. On the other hand, if you don’t chew, the food you consume goes a different route giving your digestive tract a much-needed break.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some benefits and feeling healthier overall. I’m happy I started this journey.

Day One suggestion: Coconut Curried Carrot & Squash Soup (from the Dr.Sara DETOX Manual) – this was a life saver. It was tasty and filled the void felt from not consuming solid foods.

Day Two – I can chew!

Well, I lost 3lbs yesterday! Seeing that number on the scale go down makes it all the more worth it.

I had a terrible sleep last night. I couldn’t seem to stay asleep for any significant length of time and woke up multiple times with hunger pangs. I persevered though and woke up this morning looking forward to some ‘real’ food; food that I can chew.

I started with my glass of water and lemon and devoured some juicy green grapes. I’m washing all of my fruits and veggies with a special fruits & veggie wash to ensure all pesticides and chemicals are removed.

I’m dying for a coffee. I am substituting with Green Tea but it’s just not the same. Bonus is that Green Tea increases your metabolism so it’s a win-win situation but I can’t stop thinking about coffee.

The first five days of this plan follow a vegan diet. I had no idea being a vegan was so much work! Today I felt lethargic and kind of blue and a little nauseous. I didn’t feel much like cooking so I nibbled on some fresh fruit and veggies and the soups from Day One. Near the end of the day I got my energy back and perked up. I can see a silver lining.

Day Two suggestion: the Dr.Sara DETOX Forums. It’s like having access to your own personal doctor 24/7. You can ask any question, big or small and Dr.Sara will personally reply within 24 hours (always sooner though). You can also read past posts to learn from others and gain support from people who are going through it with you.

Day Three – Renewed hope

I lost another pound today. That’s 4lbs in total. When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning I immediately noticed a less bloated look in my stomach area and my skin appears to be brighter and clearer. Hmmm…maybe I can do this after all.

Today was my first day being away from the house all day. I wasn’t sure what to pack for lunch but Day Three is also the day I can begin to add some grains to my diet like brown rice, Quinoa and Buckwheat. That made it easier to throw some things into my lunch bag for convenience.

I made a visit to Organic Works yesterday and picked up some delicious vegan breads. If you’re a gluten-free fan you’ll love this bakery. It’s located on 222 Wellington Street. I’m so thankful they’re so close by.

I’d kill for a coffee. Today at work someone was brewing a pot and the whole office smelled like it. This was a good time to read my ‘Committed to the Cleanse Card’. It’s a small card that Dr.Sara provided where you write your reasons for committing to the Cleanse. You can keep in your purse or wallet and pull it out when you need a reminder. I just keep telling myself, it’s only 22 days. That’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Honestly, the obvious results and in such a timely manner are what are keeping me going. Long term I want the positive health effects, but when you’re struggling it’s the immediate gratification that pulls you through.

Day Three suggestion: My newly created vegan pasta recipe that incorporates brown rice pasta, red pepper, zucchini, garlic & olive oil. Check it out here.

Day Four – This is easy

You read that subheading right, this is easy. I’m shocked to see myself write that but it’s true. I have always had a love/hate relationship with food. Mostly love. The part I hated was my inability to control my eating and not being able to say no to the cravings.

Day four has brought a pleasant surprise (one I read about but didn’t believe would apply to me) and that is the fact that my cravings for sweets and unhealthy carb-type snacks is gone. Dr.Sara explained this phenomenon to us at our first support meeting. It has something to do with the yeast in our digestive tacks and with the Cleanse it’s eliminated and therefore no longer able to ask for demand sugar and refined carbohydrates.

I’m feeling more energized and I actually noticed on day three that I didn’t hit my after-lunch-low that I usually get while working in the office. I’m not hungry as I can eat whenever I want.

The only inconvenience I feel at this point is the work involved in creating the healthy meals. It’s true that good things are more work so this makes sense. It’s something I have to get used to and learn to plan ahead, which I’ve done for this Cleanse. I hope that as the days go by, I get more and more comfortable with the process and it becomes seemingly less work.

Day Four suggestion: Quinoa Fruity Cereal (from the Dr.Sara DETOX Manual) – a great way to start your day. A stick to your ribs meal.

Day Five – Just a regular day

It feels like a normal day, which it is. I woke up, drank my lemon water, ate my millet cereal with almond milk and blueberries, packed my lunch, grabbed a Green Tea from Tim Hortons and came to work.

Sure, I thought about tackling the guy ahead of me at Tim’s and taking his coffee and chugging it back with no remorse but I know better. Coffee can wait and so can I.

I’m steady at a 4lbs weight loss and feeling ‘calmed’ in my digestive tract. I’m feeling good and hopeful. Interesting thoughts are entering my mind. Things like ‘maybe I’ll become a full-time vegan or vegetarian at the least,’ or ‘maybe I’ll replace one coffee a day with green tea.’

Day Five suggestion: The Online Dr.Sara DETOX Program. The program I am participating in allows me four, one hour, in person meetings with Dr.Sara and the DETOX group for education, support and discussion. The Online program is a bit cheaper and will provide those not interested in group meetings or who are not local to London with the same DETOX program.

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