DETOX Diaries – Week Two

Dr.Sara DETOX  

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Weight loss = 7.2 lbs
Inches lost = 1 inch around waist
Waist to Hip Ratio Start: 0.81 – Moderate Health Risk
Waist to Hip Ratio Today: 0.79 Low Health Risk 

Your health is affected by where fat is distributed on your body. People who carry more weight around their waist (central obesity) compared to their hips are at greater risk for developing the following health conditions: high blood pressure, high cortisol (stress hormone), cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes. 

Week 2

Day Six was the day we were able to add some new foods. No more vegan diet…for some. I surprised myself by taking to the vegan lifestyle very well, so I decided to skip the meat. For others chicken, turkey and  fish were introduced.  

Brown Rice Flour Pancakes



Now that we’re well underway with the DETOX, it’s time to take a look at the other aspects of one’s self. We’re not just physical bodies; we’re also made up of heart and soul. This week it’s time to focus on cleaning out our inner selves.  

Dr.Sara gave us an assignment to find one item that we haven’t used for five years but that at one time meant a lot to us and get rid of it. Since I just moved last year, I had recently gone through this activity. Nothing came into our new home that didn’t already fit these criteria.  

I did decide to go through my nightstand (that tips over when both drawers are open) and purged some books, magazines and odds and ends that I had been saving for some reason or another. It felt good to say good-bye to things I wasn’t using and now it doesn’t topple over when opened.  

We also discussed our relationships and our outlooks on life. Participating in a DETOX is both a physical and emotional endeavour and many of us shared stories about the changes we were noticing in an emotional way. It was a really positive and motivating group meeting. I’m so thankful for the support.  


Every day we are exposed to numerous toxins. Some we can’t control, unless we moved to a deserted island, but some we can. Think about the products you use in your morning routine. Shampoos, creams, toothpaste, soap etc. Most of the products contain dangerous chemicals that in small doses may not pose a threat, but used regularly over time they can expose us to a large amount of cancer causing toxins.  

This week I switched to natural body soap. I totally love the feeling of my skin after washing. The soap rinses off really easily and leaves no residue behind. I can’t afford to switch all my bathroom related products as once, so I’m taking small steps; one product at a time to help reduce the toxins entering my body.  


This past weekend was the first full weekend that I spent on the DETOX. It was a bit rough. For some reason I missed my coffee more than ever. I longed for a hot, steamy pumpkin spice latte while strolling through the woods with my husband and daughter on a beautiful fall day. I did find some hot apple cider which hit the spot but I learned that coffee isn’t just a drink to me. It represents many things and has many meanings in my life and I am very attached to it.  

This feeling lasted into the middle of the week; a general tired, blue type feeling. But the good news is that midweek, I perked up. I realized I was up to a seven pound weight loss and I was feeling leaner in my torso. And the achy, swollen feeling had disappeared from my gut. I wasn’t feeling like a nap as often and I wasn’t hitting my  mid-afternoon low.  


I’m half way there! Thursday was Day 12 and that increased my excitement because I was able to introduce some more new foods. Tomatoes, bananas, eggs, tofu and grapefruit were among the list of foods. This opened up so many more meal options and made life a little easier.  

I was so excited to be able to make Tofu Chilli, Apple Walnut Muffins and Banana Nut Smoothies from the Dr.Sara DETOX manual. Delish!  

Apple Walnut Muffins


The next five days will be similar; healthy, clean foods and hopefully more physical and emotional benefits.  

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