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Little EcoFootprint

Hi City Mom readers. I am so happy to author my first post on I have been a long time fan and so I’m excited to join you as City Mom’s Baby Correspondent.

Don’t be mistaken, I am by no means a baby expert; my daughter is just two weeks old so I have a lot to learn. What I do hope is to bring you the best infant products and services in London and in the baby market today. I will share my honest opinions and my most favourite deals.


Today I am happy to share with you my review on LittleEcoFootprint’s first ever home delivery box of eco-friendly mom and baby items. I received my treat in the mail in mid-February and what perfect timing for our new arrival.

LittleEcoFootprint February

It was really exciting to receive a “surprise” package in the mail. Everyone loves learning that they received a delivery after all, and not knowing what exactly was in it was all the more fun. The nicely wrapped box arrived and I dug right in. Here’s what I found:

1. $5 gift certificate to Baby Organic Joy: this store is based in Toronto and sells organic baby products. The gift card is a good way to get to know this company. Retail: $5.00

2. Wooden Car from Bannor Toys: Each toy made at Bannor toys is handmade and not massed produced. When my daughter gets older and gains some dexterity, I think she’s going to love playing with this. I have peace-of-mind knowing it’s not painted with chemicals. Retail: $7.50

3. Caspar Babypants CD: Acoustic children’s music for kids 0 – 6. This is going to come in handy on road trips! Retail: $12.00

4. Eco Parent Magazine: A quarterly magazine to help families in making healthier choices. I can`t wait to read this from front to back. I’ll take any information I can get in this area. I also received a 20% discount code towards a subscription. Retail: $25.00/yr

5. GAIA Natural Skincare: I received a number of samples of the Baby Moisturizer and the Skin Soothing Lotion and a great BOGO discount code.

6. Mercury Chocolates: Made with world-class pure cocoa. Delicious!

7. Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry : I can already tell that my little one is into jewelry; aren’t most girls? This is a necklace I can wear to add some colour to my outfit but I don’t have to worry about my baby putting it in her mouth. It’s designed for that! And another 20% discount code! Retail: $19.00

8. Mama Cream from The Pumpkin Seed: 100% natural skin care. No chemicals whatsoever.


The list above is just the products I received. Along with all the discount codes, I also received a brochure explaining each item and the company it comes from. It also had great tips from the LittleEcoFootprint experts. I’m sure every mom will find this helpful but as a brand new mom, it’s invaluable.


To get your own monthly subscription and delivery of healthy products for your family visit:

See you next month!

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