A Face-lift for Le Chateau in White Oaks Mall London

Le Chateau White Oaks Mall London

 Shawn Schmidt, National Director, Visual Presentation Le Chateau Inc. cuts the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the brand’s third new concept store in Canada at White Oaks Mall, London.

They say that change is  a difficult transition to adjust to but that was definitely not the case with my recent visit to Le Chateau in White Oaks Mall, London.

The White Oaks Mall Le Chateau location has undergone a re-branding as one of the brand’s flagship stores and the change is delightful. Not only has it moved from its food court location (it is now beside Sephora) but it has received a pleasant face-lift.


Le Chateau London

Perhaps the most notable and refreshing change is the light, airy and modern feel that the new concept has achieved. This is in thanks to a few different things including new merchandise fixtures, lighting and interiors that come together to create this bright and open atmosphere.

The new merchandise-friendly layout creates an organized structure; collections are grouped together in redesigned features like wall displays, tables and clothing racks. Accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry have their own, designated sections which help to feature these important outfit add-ons and to create a one-stop-shop experience.

Important features have been strategically placed to create a shopper-friendly environment; dressing rooms have been tucked away to create a more private experience, the cash desk has been moved out of the main floor space and the cash registers have been given a futuristic makeover. The “gown shop” has been enlarged and rearranged to make dress shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible.



Everyone knows that purses and shoes are a girl’s best friend so they get their own section both on City Mom and in Le Chateau.

There is a new focus on footwear and handbags with front-facing display cases and prime real estate, the actual merchandise has changed too. You will now find genuine leather boots and shoes with designer labels such as Jessica Simpson, Corso Como and Franco Sarto and handbags from Italy. Price point is around $100 for a pair of heels which is competitive with other footwear stores throughout the mall.



Part of my Le Chataeu shopping experience included a face-to-face meet with Shawn Schmidt, National Director, Visual Presentation and PR and Media Spokesperson, Le Château Inc. This was a treat on its own. #MisterSchmidt is very passionate about the new Le Chateau concept stores and the brand in general and gave me a very detailed tour of the new store.

This recent re-branding in London marked the third of its kind for Le Chateau with the first two taking place in Montreal, QC with more to take place over the next three to five years.

Why is this good? Well, if you’re a fan of Le Chateau you’ll soon enjoy your shopping experience that much more; you’ll find it easier to locate what you’re looking for or to put an outfit together if you need inspiration.

Le Chateau Mens

Le Chateau in White Oaks Mall is a great place to shop for men and women alike who enjoy a moderate price point, on trend fashion and a semi-sophisticated curated shopping experience.

What do you think of the new look?

City Mom

Get Vacation Ready With Deals from @JoeFresh

Joe Fresh Spring Summer
Whether you’re heading off for the perfect winter vacay or getting stocked up for the summer, Joe Fresh has us covered for our kid’s wardrobe needs. From bathing suits to shorts, dresses to flip-flops and everything in between, there are some great deals to take advantage of this March.

I’m a huge fan of Joe Fresh for my whole family but especially for Little S’ clothing. Not only is their line affordable and stylish but its durable too. Little S always outgrows her Joe Fresh clothes before they wear out on her; this is a must for children’s clothing!


Joe Fresh 2 for 20

For a limited time you can make vacation preparation even more fun and wallet-friendly by taking advantage of these deals with Joe Fresh:

• Boys & Girls shorts 2 for $20
• Girls Flip-Flops $5
• All Toddler and Kids Swimwear under $15
• Summer Hats $5

You’ll also find other in store pricing (dependent on location) like girls peplum tanks for $10, T-Shirts for $8 and other budget-friendly price points.


Joe Fresh Kids

We are heading to Florida this spring and with a growing child, of course she needs all new summer clothes. It was a lot of fun picking out her outfits at Joe Fresh. I must admit, I like shopping for Little S more than I do for myself.

Joe Fresh Swimwear Under $15

When the deals are that good (like at Joe Fresh) you can get a really good haul for not a lot of money. In total I spent $114 but with the deal $10 Joe Fresh Gift Card (spend $50 and get a $10 gift card) I got $10 back, so in total I spent $104. Note: deal ends March 21, 2014.

For that amount, I was able to buy four outfits for Little S as well as a bathing suit, scarf, flip-flops and a sun hat. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion this is awesome value and makes buying a new wardrobe every season very affordable!

Are you heading away for spring vacation? Do you need to stock up on a new summer wardrobe for your  kids?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post in the form of product, however these views are completely my own. I loooove Joe Fresh!

City Mom

I Can’t Believe She Wore That!

Today I’m taking the opportunity to use City Mom as a place to vent and I hope that you’ll join me!

The other day I was talking with a friend and she told me about this article she read in a new London publication. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember the name of the magazine so this post will be completely unofficial and based solely on hearsay.

I should also note that I haven’t read the article myself and I can’t even direct you to it so that you can read it yourself. Regardless, the message is the same.

My friend shared the gist of the article which caused me to think on the topic. And it  made me want to write about it so I could a) vent about it a bit and b) query you, my readers to see what your thoughts are.

Now that I’ve made my disclaimer, I can tell you more…

The article was apparently written by a fashion stylist or a similar job title. The main body of the piece was discussing a woman’s appearance when she travels to and from her child’s school. You know, for drop-off and pickup.

My friend explained that the author recommended that lululemons should be left at home and used only for actual exercise and that even jeans should be left in the drawer. The suggested, ideal ensemble for picking up one’s child was a pair of black skinny pants, a blazer and a scarf.

For real?

I will admit that my wardrobe is suffering. My sense of style has taken a backseat to all the other things I’m managing in my life, but I do try. I get the whole concept of dressing the way you feel on the inside, and that you should dress the way you want to be seen etc.

But as a mom who works from home a lot, I often find myself dressed in lululemons or dare I say regular jogging pants? Sometimes, just sometimes, I may choose not to wash my hair that day, throw it in a pony tail and stroll on over to my daughter’s school. And yes, those are the same days I choose to not wear makeup, but I still look like a young (wishful thinking?) mom on-the-go. Should I take time out of my workday to get showered, dressed and made up just to go out for the 10 minutes it takes me to go to and from my daughter’s school?

Do I look my best those days? My husband would say yes. He loves me dressed down with no makeup. He says I look prettiest that way. But I guess the fashion police would say otherwise.

So is it true? Am I shorting myself by not dressing up when I make an appearance in the schoolyard? Am I giving off an image that isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of who I really am? 

Furthermore, does it even matter? I mean, of course I care about what I look like. I do take pride in my appearance most days. But I believe there’s a time and a place. If Johnny’s mom thinks I’m any less of a parent because I’m not super-stylish then that’s okay with me because I know otherwise. Johnny’s mom should see me when I go out on a Saturday night. Then I’d show her!

So what are your thoughts? How do you dress to pick up your children from school? If you’ve been working from home, do you change into something more stylish to pick up the kids?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


 Sloppy Mom

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