Today I want to ask you a question; what is your passion? What do you love to do?

Are you sitting in front of your screen smiling because I just caused you to think of something you love, or are you scratching your head wondering how to answer this query?  If you’re identifying with the latter, you are not alone.  Most people are not in tune with their passion; just getting by in life, not ahead.   Discovering your passion is one of the best things you can do for yourself because what happens next will delight you and will unfold before your very eyes.

I have come to learn that my passion has always been my passion but I never gave it the time it deserved.  You will likely find that your passion has presented itself to you on a number of occasions before you actually discovered it and with some thought and consideration its recurring theme will flash at you like hotel signage on Las Vegas Boulevard.   

In discovering my passion my world has opened up.  I am more confident, more knowledgeable, more content and more motivated about my future.  I am a better person, a better mother and a better wife.  I have done things that are out of my comfort zone, made new friends and begun to surround myself with people who share similar interests.  I now have a better appreciation for the things I value and the goals I want to achieve. 

One of the remuneration for all this hard work has come in the form of a new friend.  Her name is Amy-of-All-Trades.  Actually she is just called Amy but Amy-of-All-Trades is her business name.  I have taken a fast liking to her and have felt a strong connection with her.  This doesn’t happen to me very often but I attribute it to the fact that her whole philosophy behind her business is based on pursuing her life’s passion.  She has created a blog and business based on two common goals:

1.  To live a jubilant  life and 
2.  To provoke thought in others about how one lives

Amy has created a challenge for herself:

Goal:  Amy is eager to fulfill her need for soulful work. She wants to raise $500 to source the cost of a training course required to pursue her life’s passion.  Of all funds raised, 25% will be donated to a good cause. She provides experienced services while wearing many hats:

  • Dog caretaker (walks, visits etc.)
  • Fashion Designer/Sewer
  • Visual Artist
  • Child caretaker (she is a former nanny)
  • Provider of Purpose Sessions (establishing your Life Purpose Statement)

Progress:  Amy has earned $260 so far.  She is more than halfway to her goal of $500.

I really respect Amy’s attitude and spirited outlook on life.  I want to spread the love as my contribution and as a means to pay it forward.  Visit her blog to find out more about her and to catch this contagious bug.  Consider booking one of her services to be a part of this unique concept and tell her City Mom sent you and you’ll get an extra smile! :)

Amy`s contact information:
Twitter:  @amyoat
Phone:  (519)868-6721