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The thought of Little S driving really freaks me out…of course I don’t have to worry about that for another 10 years but if there’s anything I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it’s that time flies!  So it’s fair to say that driver’s tests, G1 discussions and handing over my keys to my 16-year-old is on the horizon.

When I learned of I was eager to share it with the City Mom community because it actually helps to prepare our newest drivers for what is to come. Whether you have children who are studying for their G1 test now, or will be doing so over the next few years, you’ll love the idea of is a leading education website that lets users practice their G1 test for free as many times as they like. The free website allows someone needing to take the G1 exam to practice in a way that is quite similar to that of the official exam. The site currently provides access to 6 practice tests (300 unique practice questions) that simulate what one may see on the G1 exam.

G1 Practice Tests

Note that does not guarantee that you will see the exact questions found in the practice tests on the official G1 test but every practice exam is based on the current year’s official Ontario Driver’s Handbook) meaning users can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date test information.


According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, as many as 26% of individuals that took their G1 exam in 2012 did not pass. Proper preparation can help to significantly lower this number. Why not have teens prepare in a similar manner that one would actually see administered from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and DriveTest centers?



Not only does help to prepare our children for the responsibility of driving and helps to get them on their way to earning their driver’s license, it also helps with parent-teen communication when it comes to driving.

Check out the Parent-Teen Driving Contract that provides and let it guide you in your conversation with your new drivers about road safety and the expectations that come with this new responsibility. is an excellent resource for teens and parents of teens who are thinking about or getting ready to get their driver’s licence.


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Drive safe!

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