Valentine’s Day Crafting with Scotch Brand {Giveaway}

The holiday season is well behind us and the next holiday, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Since your wrapping, cutting and tapping fingers have had a good rest, it’s time to get creative again.

Scotch Brand has made it not only easy to create stunning gifts and crafts but they’ve made it fun too with their collection of gift wrap tapes and wrapping tools.


Not only does Scotch Brand provide a full line of useful and creative tools for gift wrapping, they also offer useful tips and design ideas on their website. You have to check it out as I was surprised at the wealth of knowledge they share.


Check out the Beading Heart How-To for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about you, but before I learned about all the cool tools, supplies and ideas Scotch offers, I thought of the brand as merely a tape company; boy was I wrong!


I was looking for the perfect opportunity to use my Scotch Brand gift wrapping kit and that chance introduced itself with Valentine’s Day at Little S’ school.

Her school community does a unique Valentine’s boxed lunch initiative where each student receives a name of another classmate with a wish list of food items from each food group. The student then goes home and decorates a Valentine’s themed box to hold all the goodies.

On Valentine’s Day, the lunches are presented to each recipient and the givers are revealed. It’s a really fun way to turn an average daily activity into something unusual and fun.



Scotch Brand Tapes and Tools

  1. A cardboard box
  2. Aluminum foil
  3. Scotch GiftWrap Tape
  4. Scotch® Expressions Masking Tapes (2 different patterns)
  5. Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape (2 different patterns)
  6. Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Non-stick Scissors



  1. Decorate your box by making a pattern with the various Expressions tapes (tip: double layers of tape if your box has a pattern like mine)
  2. Using the GiftWrap tape, seal a piece of aluminum the same size as the front panel of your box.
  3. Using a light coloured pen or pencil, etch out the name (or design) of your recipient.
  4. With an x-acto knife (adult supervision necessary) lightly trace your design that you made in step # 3. Be sure to use very light pressure as the foil will tear easily.
  5. Remove cut out pieces of foil.
  6. Seal thing edges with GiftWrap tape.
  7. Add stickers or other decorations to enhance your theme.
  8. Add food items (hint: use a frozen water bottle or juice box to act as an ice pack to keep refrigerated items cold)

I really loved working with the Scotch Brand tapes and tools. The scissors are probably the best scissors I have ever used and I love that the tape doesn’t stick to them when cutting. The tapes are all of excellent quality and tear, rip and cut easily.


One Canadian City Mom reader will win a Scotch Brand gift wrapping kit filled with many of the gift wrapping essentials from Scotch. Use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck and happy wrapping.

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