Girl’s Night Out at the Western Fair District – #StackedDealFridays

Stacked Deal Fridays

It’s Friday night in London, wintertime and you’re a group of girlfriends who are so over the club scene; where do you go?

If that question has ever stumped you before, I have the answer for you, and it’s a good one!


Stacked Deal Fridays

This past Friday, my girlfriends and I got together for a night of fun with Stacked Deal Fridays at the Western Fair District; no kids, no husbands, just food, drinks, good company and fun.

Haven’t heard of Stacked Deal Fridays before? Well here is how it works:

You pay $45 and you get some awesome stuff for that:

  • Buffet dinner at the Top of the Fair Restaurant
  • Horse racing ($5 voucher for betting)
  • YukYuk’s comedy show
  • Gaming ($10 voucher for slots)

Top  of the Fair Restaurant

Our night started at the Top of the Fair Restaurant with a delicious buffet dinner. We were all impressed with the selection and quality of food. During dinner we learned the ins and outs of horse betting, placed our bets and watched the races from our table. It was so much fun to enjoy good conversation, a nice dinner, drinks and an activity that we don’t normally do.

We even got to make a visit all the way up to the literal top of the fair to visit Sugar and the judges calling the horse races. This was a fun and educational experience* – it was really cool to get a bird’s eye view of the horses and to learn a little more about how horse racing works.

Stacked Fridays

After dinner, we made a quick visit to the casino for some gaming. We stuck to the slot machines but you can also play Blackjack and Poker. We had a lot of fun trying our luck and sipping on some after-dinner-drinks.

Then it was on to YukYuk’s for the 10:30 comedy show. We really had a lot of fun with this. We had a booth seat with a direct view of the stage to take in all the hilarity. All the comedians were great but we had real belly laughs with Darren Frost. You can check ahead to see which comedians are headlining before you decide which Friday night you want to attend.

But, you should act fast as Stacked Deal Fridays are only available until the end of April (Apr. 24 is last Friday). You can find out all you need to know by visiting or call 519-438-7203 ex.252 to book your spot.

When I asked my friends what the highlight of the night was for them, this is what they said:

Definitely going into the judge’s box. – Mary

Spending time with the girls. I also enjoyed YukYuk’s – great place for friends to go and laugh together. Also, learning about horse racing was really fun too. – Sarah

Spending quality time with friends and YukYuk’s was hilarious! -Erika

For me, the entire night was a highlight, but I agree with my friends; YukYuk’s and horse racing are two activities that we never think of doing on a regular Friday night, let alone a girl’s night, but it was the perfect combination of events and one that I know you and your girlfriends will love too!

Have you been to the Western Fair District for the Stacked Deal? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for sharing my experience but all opinions are completely my own and that of my friends.  

*Note: visiting the judges box is not guaranteed to be included in the Stacked Deal.

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