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losing weight
losing weight

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We are now three whole days into 2011.  Likely an uneventful three days in terms of taking action on your New Year Resolutions (NYR).  After all, the unofficial start of the New Year doesn’t start until the holidays are over mentally.  And that happens to be today, for most.

Have you made a New Year Resolution for 2011?

Personally I don’t make NYRs.  I find them hard to stick to.  In order to make a life altering change (which resolutions often are) I need to be fully and wholeheartedly behind the idea.  Saying I am [behind it] just because it’s a new year doesn’t work for me.

Since almost half of us do make NYRs, there’s a good chance you are one who does. And it’s important to learn how to increase the odds of your success in achieving them. 

Increasing Your Odds

  • In order to achieve a goal, it should be very specific.  For example, if you want to lose weight consider the details.  How much weight do you want to lose?  When do you want to reach your goal weight?
  • Put a plan in place.  A specific goal is a great thing, but you need an action plan to get to completion.  Let’s say you have decided to quit smoking in the New Year.  In what style will you do so?  Will you quit cold turkey or follow a nicotine replacement therapy?  How will you manage cravings or lapses?
  • Be realistic.  If your goal is next to impossible to achieve, it is very unlikely you will stick to it.  Suppose you decide to get a gym membership this year.  How many days a week do you really think you can manage at the gym?  Don’t aim for seven days a week at the gym if you know that your schedule will not allow for it.  Setting yourself up for failure is a sure-fire way to fail. 
  • Share your goals.  Your chances of success will soar if you share your plan with your family, friends, coworkers, heck anyone who will listen.  Being held accountable for something is the best way to stick to it.  Imagine your best friend calls you one day and asks how the money-saving is going.  Imagine the feeling when you have to tell her that you blew the funds on a new pair of jeans you just had to have.  Picture rationalizing the purchase…feel the shame before you take the blame!
  • Under estimate and over deliver.  Being realistic is one thing but knowing yourself is another.  It is realistic to spend less time at work and more time at home.  But don’t fool yourself by stating that you will not work a single day of over time all year if you know your job just won’t allow for it.  Start small.  Make an effort to work no more than two days of overtime.  If it turns out you managed to only work one day a week of extra hours for the first few weeks, then you are ahead of the game.  You will feel more motivated about your continued success.

So let’s go over that list again:

  1.  Be specific
  2. Create a plan
  3. Be realistic
  4. Share your resolutions
  5. Under estimate and over deliver

And remember, should you waver in your plan, don’t give up.  You are only human and getting off track is natural.  Pick yourself up and get back on the horse.  Try, try again!

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