Contributing to a greener Earth with Cascades Food & Garden Waste Bags {Giveaway}


We are officially into the gardening season, but if you haven’t started yet, that’s okay! There is still lots of time. Today I’m excited to share two great products from one great Canadian company that will make your gardening easier and greener.


Cascades’ Food Waste Bags are manufactured in Canada and made of 100% recycled fibres and are designed with a double layer to prevent food leakage and odor. They are the perfect size (17.78 cm x 29 cm x 11.43 cm) to keep under your kitchen sink or sink-side drawer for easy access yet they still hold a lot, 6.1 litres to be exact.

I found Cascades Food Waste Bags particularly handy for the apartment/condo lifestyle as buying a large composter isn’t conducive to our small outdoor space. For your living situation, you can check with your municipality to see what programs and regulations are in place for food composting.

These bags are also very budget-friendly at $14.99 for a pack of 40. At this price, you really have no reason not to compost, but if you’re looking for more reasons read on…

Why food compost?

Composting food is a key measure in waste reduction because you can reuse your food waste to help grow new food in your garden; it’s the perfect sustainable practice.

It is estimated that 40% of your garbage is organic waste and by using Cascades Food Waste Bags, you can help to keep that trash out of the landfills.  And by using compost in your gardens you create a rich, fertile soil naturally without having to use chemical-filled fertilizers.

For more reasons and tips on how to food compost, check out and


The Cascades garden waste bags are made of 100% post-consumer fibres. These bags are super durable as they are designed with a 2-ply system like the food waste bags. They can hold garden waste and dead leaves even if they are wet! The bag is biodegradable, which makes it a good environmentally sound alternative to the plastic bag and it can hold up to 30 lb of wet leaves and up to 150 lbs of dry weight.

They really cool thing about Cascades garden waste bags is that each package of 25 comes with a cardboard stand that holds the bag in place while you are filling it. How handy is this?

These bags are also very economical at $16.50 for a pack of 25. That’s just 66 cents a bag. And here are some more fun facts about Cascades garden waste bags:

Every 10 orders of 25 garden waste bags creates the following:

  • A savings of  2,449 L of water
  • Avoids  the equivalent of 131 kg of CO2 air emissions
  • Avoids the production of 47 kg of solid waste

I don’t know about you, but when I buy a product that contributes to the environment and the health of my families, I just feel good. And l love learning about the ways it can help.


Today on City Mom, one reader will win one 40 pack of the food waste bags and one 25 pack + stand of the garden waste bags. Follow the Rafflecopter widget below.

Good luck!

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