How To Throw a Pinterest Worthy Witches’ Ball

Witches Ball

With Halloween just a few days away, you’ve probably already thrown a Halloween-themed party, so for next year, get your Pin-It-Trigger-Finger ready because you’re going to want to throw a Witches’ Ball!


Little S’ birthday is close enough to Halloween, that we can throw Halloween themed birthday parties for her if she chooses. Once in a while she opts to have her party after Halloween, like last year’s Bubblegum Birthday Party to avoid the whole Halloween association.

This year she chose the Witches’ Ball theme and we went all out! Since I love throwing parties and inspiring others to do the same, I put together this post as a ‘how-to’ so you can do the same. When the parents of Little S’ guests dropped their kids off, they commented on the set up. I kind of felt guilty in taking credit for it all and gave kudos to my fellow Pinterest users.


Inspiration: no matter the theme you choose for your child’s party you first and foremost need a Pinterest account to gather inspiration. Search for your theme in your fav search engine and start pinning images that speak to you. You can check out my Witches’ Ball board where I collected fun ideas to fit in with our theme.

Decorations: when I searched for “Witches’ Ball”, I came to find a couple of different printable packages for a Witches’ Ball but since Little S’ favourite colour is purple, choosing this one from Glitter Ink Designs was a no-brainer.

Prepping: next it was time to print. Tip when purchasing a printable package, go through the PDF file first and take note of what pages you want to print, and which you don’t. I ended up printing almost the whole package and it was more than I needed and more expensive too.

Creating: I spent the most part of a week, cutting, scoring, folding, pasting and putting together the items from the kit.

Accessories: now that you have your theme and your decorations, it’s time to tie them all in together. Answer a few questions like where you are hosting the party and what fixtures are available to you. Lucky for us, our condo has a giant party room so we always throw our gatherings there.

For this party I decided to make use of the fireplace and mantle for your decoration and display purposes. I happened to have some leftover damask wallpaper from our bedroom reno so I draped the fireplace mantel with it. I placed two tables side-by-side and covered with a black tablecloth and placed them in front of the fire-place, using the wallpaper as a back drop.

Witches Ball Party

Next I arranged the printables on the table with the food and candy containers to create a sweets table of sorts.  With items from the dollar store that fit our theme, I decorated the mantel to compliment the theme. This was perhaps the easiest part as the dollar store is full of affordable Halloween decorations in all varieties.

Food: again, I turned to Pinterest for some fun, theme-related food ideas. I wanted to include some healthy options for the kids too so I was all over the banana ghosts and Clementine pumpkins idea. Put together other food and treat ideas that coincide with your theme. I must admit I had a lot of fun at the Bulk Barn using a scoop to choose only the green and purple gum balls from a bin full of rainbow coloured assortments.

Halloween Party Food

The Cake: most cake decorators can replicate any cake design you choose. I found one online that I had my heart set on and shared it with a local cake designer and asked her to put her own spin on it and that’s exactly what she did. It really became the centrepiece of our theme.

Witch Cake

Costumes: when we mailed out invitation to our Witches’ Ball, we asked our guests to come dressed as a fancy or scary witch. This really added to the fun for the kids and helped to enhance the theme.

Games: we chose to incorporate some classic party games like Freeze Dance but also added a spin on them like changing the title of ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf?’ to ‘What Time is it Mrs. Witch?’. We also did some colouring of Witch colouring pages and played ‘Hot Witch’s Hat’ (Hot Potato). Pretty much any game can be adjusted to fit your theme so get creative!

Supplies: of course you’ll need plates, napkins, cutlery, drinks etc. I love using Mason Jars to dress up beverages and of course our Witch’s Brew looked fancy with themed labels, colour coordinated paper straws and special lids to hold the straws in place.

Witches' Brew

Though this party required a lot of planning and execution, it was well worth it to see the look on Little S’ face when she saw it all come together; now time to start planning next year’s!

Witches Ball Party

What is your favourite party theme? Have you blogged about it or created a Pinterest board or online gallery? If so, share it below. I’d love to check them out!

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