You’re Not a Real Londoner Until You’ve…

City Mom's Real Londoner

If you’re a fan of the TV series How I Met Your Mother, you may remember the episode called Subway Wars from 2010 where Robin’s status as a New Yorker is in question simply because she had yet to see Woody Allen on the streets of NYC.

Sidebar: I just recently started watching this series so in City Mom-time, this episode just happened.

This starts a discussion among the friends about what it takes to say you’re a true New Yorker; stealing a cab from someone, killing a cockroach with your bare hands and so on.

It got me thinking…how can Londoner’s (Canada’s London of course) prove their worthiness as a true Londonite?


I’m turning this into a challenge and I’m putting it in your hands London!

From our Fanshawe and UWO students to our artists and our families; from our politicians to our LHSC employees to our teachers; from our retirees to our children and everyone in-between, I want to hear from you!

What makes you a true LONDONER?

What rite of passage must a London resident complete before saying ‘I’m a Londoner’?

Must one have attended a baseball game at Labatt Park to become a real Londoner or visited Storybook Gardens as a child? Are you not a Londoner until you’ve attended the Canada Day celebration at Harris Park or enjoyed a pint at The Morrissey House? The possibilities are endless.


I’m asking for your help London! Please share your blurb on what it takes to claim ‘Londoner’ status in the comments below and help me to compile the greatest list ever created on declaring our true London worth!

Please share with all your London family and friends (past & present) by answering the question…

You’re not a real Londoner until you’ve…

Check back in a few weeks and I will share the final list that determines what Londoners think makes us the real deal!

City Mom