Holiday Gift Guide: Gift a Healthy Snack Subscription from Snackbox {Giveaway}


I’m going to give you five really excellent reasons to try Snackbox, a Vancouver-based, healthy snack subscription service or to give you good reasons to gift it to someone you love this holiday season. Read on to get a 15% discount and a chance to win a one-month subscription.

First let’s learn more about Snackbox…


Snackbox is a Canadian company that was developed to help simplify the task of discovering innovative products, new brands, and finding your new favourite snack.

It is a monthly subscription to delivery of healthy, natural, and most of all, delicious snacks! Each month your Snackbox will arrive packed full (10 to 12) of healthy snacks that are handpicked by Snackbox’s own in-house holistic nutritionist so that busy parents don’t have to spend time reading the labels. Each shipment comes with a guide describing the products you’re receiving and where you can find more.

Snackbox has flexible subscription options to meet your needs; there are three subscriptions for members to choose from. Prices start from $24 per month for a six-month subscription, $27 per month for a three-month subscription, and $33 per month  a monthly subscription (plus $6.95 shipping and applicable taxes).


  1. Your children will be motivated to try new, healthy snacks: When we received a knock at the door and the mail carrier delivered our first Snackbox, Little S was so curious about what it was and what was inside that she didn’t question what things were or balk at trying them. She volunteered it because her inquisitiveness caused her to forget about her usual skepticism when it comes to trying something new.
  2. Your list of snack options will grow: If your family is like mine, you always need a pantry full of healthy snack options to send in school lunches and to have on hand for in-between meals. We constantly struggle to find a balance of what Little S likes and what we feel good about giving her. Now that her interest has grown because of her initial impression of the healthy snacks delivered to our door, I can now add those items to our list…this is priceless in my opinion.
  3. You can sample with confidence: Have you ever perused the health food aisle of the grocery store and thought that the products looked good but you just weren’t sure how they were going to taste and didn’t want to spend the money in the case that you and your family didn’t like them? Well with Snackbox, this dilemma is eliminated because you get a variety of items to try without having to buy an entire box or bag or a particular product. ! Next time you’re craving some treats, you can run into the grocery store, and grab the brand you’ve already tried (and know you like) in Snackbox.
  4. The hard work is done for you: Again, that health food section can be pretty overwhelming. Just because something says “green” or “lean” or “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Because the items in the Snackbox are curated by their in-house nutritionist, you can rest assured that the items are chosen for you because they are really and good for you! And the rest of the Snackbox team taste tests the items chosen and only the favourites get included!
  5. You don’t have to search high and low for healthy alternatives:  Thankfully there are a lot of options out there for health food shopping but trying to find particular items at particular stores can make you feel dizzy! Receive your monthly subscription and if you fall in love with a product, read more about it in the Snack Happy guide that comes with your Snackbox. It includes all the information you need about the stores you can find the products at and the cost of each product. It also includes a detailed description about each product so you can really get to know your food. 


I received November’s Snackbox and we just loved it. Here is what was included:


  1. Sensible Portions Veggie Chips
  2. Arora Creations Gobi Spice
  3. Teas’ Tea
  4. Bella Viva Orchards Pear Slices
  5. Pirate’s Booty Cheese Puffs
  6. My Smoothie Green
  7. Cocolico Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate
  8. La Fourmi Fruit & Nut Medley
  9. Enerjive Quinoa Skinny Cracker
  10. True To Nature Hemp Protein Bar
  11. Lara Bar


If those five reasons aren’t yet enough to try Snackbox, here’s another: the team at Snackbox has created a discount for City Mom readers for the holiday season so that you can try it out or gift it at a reduced cost.

Enter the code “CITYMOM” at checkout and you will receive $15.00 off the cost of your first Snackbox (valid for first time customers only). Expires December 31, 2013.


Today you can enter to win a one month Snackbox subscription. Use the Rafflecopter form below. Open to Canadian residents only. Good luck and happy snacking!

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