iHope Watches: The Gift That Gives Twice!

City Mom's Holiday Gift Guide 2013

With most of society telling time via their Smartphone, wearing a watch has become more about a fashion statement than a function. With iHope Canada you not only make that fashion statement, but you also make a statement of charitable dedication.



With iHope Watches, you pick the cause that is near and dear to your heart and buy a watch in the corresponding colour, select your face plate and boom!, you just donated 10% of the cost of the watch to the cause you selected, and you got a really cool gift for someone you care about that tells a story!

  • Black = Environment
  • Blue = Cancer
  • Green = Hope
  • Grey = Education
  • Red = Heart & Stroke
  • White = Hunger



So who is iHope and what are they all about? Meet, Francesca, Anthony and Michael.

IHOPE Canada is owned and operated by these three young entrepreneurs. They wanted to create a business and make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

iHope started several months ago with a design for a new interchangeable watch. While developing their idea into a real product they began to focus on the Canadian causes we could collectively support.

As it turned out, they discovered that there is more than just one great cause to support and they didn’t have to pick just one. By associating different coloured watches with different awareness’s they achieved their goal.

iHOPE Canada was born with the mission to offer amazing watches at a reasonable price while supporting some of the most important causes affecting Canadians.



The watches are made of silicone and are really comfortable to wear. They are fully adjustable from 16.5 cm to 22.5 cm so they’re suitable for adults and children.

The heads and straps are all interchangeable so you can mix and match as you choose. It only takes a couple of seconds to switch out the head with a different colour or place it into a different colour strap.


iHope Watch

Since all the causes denoted by the watch colours are great causes, I felt free to make my choice based on both style and cause, so I chose white (for hunger) with a black face. Because of my purchase, 10% of the proceeds will go towards helping to eliminate hunger in Canada.

This is important to me as nourishment is one of our most very basic needs and it is truly sad to think of those who don’t have access to healthy food on a daily basis. I’ve heard many stories of children showing up at schools without a lunch and it’s heartbreaking!


Personally, if I received a gift under the tree of an iHope Watch and learned that the gift giver donated money towards an important cause by gifting it to me, I would be thrilled. It really is the gift that gives twice!

If you’d like to give one gift but give twice, visit ihopeshop.com. Watches retail for $40.00 and cost $3 flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada.

iHope is sharing a FREE SHIPPING CODE with City Mom fans today. Enter CMSHIP at checkout!


You can learn more and follow along with iHope Canada news and updates:

Web: ihopewatches.com

Youtube: youtube.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ihopewatches

Twitter: @ihopecanada

Which colour will you choose and will you keep it for yourself or gift it this holiday season?

Happy holidays!

City Mom