!ndigo North London: Somebody Got a Makeover!



If you’ve been in the North end of the city recently and noticed something different about your favourite bookstore you’re not imagining things; North London’s Chapters store has changed. Chapters has been revitalized and rebranded to Indigo and London North is the very first Chapters store to undergo this update.

On Friday, November 22, 2013 I was invited to visit Indigo North London to celebrate the launch of the rebranding. As a long-time fan of Chapters, I was delighted to attend the event to gain a thorough perspective on the new, the unchanged and everything in between.


I coined Chapters my ‘happy place’ years ago because I feel at home among books. I love that I can visit for a coffee and browse for my next great read or take Little S with me to play in the children’s section for something to do on a rainy day.

I love that their product line has progressed over the years to include a great selection of gifts and items for the home; it’s really become a one-stop-shop spot for me.With the Indigo rebranding, that happy-place-feel has remained the same. In fact, it has been enhanced by the changes.

Susan Finn, Indigo’s Vice President of Retail for Central Canada, summarizes the change best:

We’ve redesigned the space to be totally joyful for our customers. Our rebranded store has more great books, a larger assortment of products to delight our customers and enrich their lives, an enhanced, kid-delighting Indigokids section, engaged and knowledgeable employees, and a warm, always welcoming, environment.




Among the changes, Indigio has increased the number of books that they carry to include over 4,000 new titles. I’ve always been impressed with the book selection at Chapters and I almost can’t image fitting that many more titles within the store.

Something you will notice in Indigo is that the signage in the books section has changed; it is bigger and easier to identify from different areas of the store. I assume that this will help to accommodate the extra titles as well as make it easier for customers to find the relevant section for a particular book.



Before the rebranding, Chapters did have a small section near the front of the store that included Kobo merchandise but now it is called Indigo Tech and includes tablet sales including iPad (a new partnership) and other technology items for the home, health and general enjoyment.



As before, the children’s section features books, games, toys and more. It appeared to be changed slightly to include more displays and more merchandise.

Look & Feel


They say the best haircut is one that is hardly noticed by others, meaning you’ve maintained consistency. This is a comment I made on the general look and feel of the new Indigo. When you enter the store, you can tell things have changed but it’s not such a drastic change that you feel like you’re in a different store altogether.

At first I thought that they had physically renovated the structure of the store. I later found out that more pleasing paint colours and extra lighting were used to create a more open, expansive feel to the store.

You’ll also notice different sections like Home, Baby etc. have been created by using displays and dividers to indicate separate departments. The rebranding of Chapters to Indigo is a pleasant change and I think you’ll like it too!

Have you been to the new Indigo yet? What did you think?

City Mom