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Our New Home – Part Two {Video}

Our New Home

As promised, here is part two of our new home; this video features the other two floors (main level and basement) of our new house.

Those who know me well, know that there are two things that really make me “tick” (other than all the obvious ones) and that is the beach and Paris! Once you see the video, you will know why I fell in love with this little home.

A couple of months before buying our new house, my husband and I attended the Lifestyle Home Show here in London. One of the vendors had this gorgeous, weathered beach house flooring. Knowing that colour scheme and style would have never fit in with our downtown condo, I jokingly asked my husband if we could redo just one room in the condo to get that vibe in our home.

Though that flooring is not a part of our new home, the vibe and colour scheme is. As you can see in the video(s), the top two floors have a fresh and airy colour scheme with small “beachy” elements here and there. And the basement? Well, it’s just a Paris-lover’s dream come true!


Buying a furnished model home allows a unique privilege to move into a home that has been professionally staged and designed. But I am still a DIY’er and wannabe designer at heart so I have been having fun adding my own touch to the house to really make it ours.

If I had my choice, I would live in a rustic, shabby-chic beach house for the rest of my life (and visit Paris on the weekends), alas, at this time in our lives, that can not be a reality so, bit by bit,  I am going to try to create one here in the city.

Stay tuned for some fun additions that are both cost-effective and relatively easy to implement to enhance the theme and/or design of your home.

Thanks for watching!

City Mom

This Week on City Mom: Home Makeover

Condo living has its benefits. That’s what City Mom is all about after all; however there is one downfall and that is a lack of storage.

Back when we lived in the ‘burbs’, we had an unfinished basement. That translates to tons of storage room! When we moved to our condo, we purged a lot of stuff, but as time went on we accumulated more and more; and when we finished unpacking our boxes, things that didn’t have a specific home ended up in our ‘office’.

Eventually our office space turned into a junk room. With a lack of organization and a unusual room layout,  it became difficult to figure out what went where and I soon found myself working at our kitchen counter. Clearly it was time to seek the help of a professional!

Junk Room

Junk Room


Enter Karen Hunt of Hunt Studio Design.

Not only a skilled design professional, Karen is one of those people you just feel good being around. I just loved working with her. She sure knows her stuff.

What I loved most about working with Karen was her ability to discover our unique style by questioning our likes and dislikes and including elements of rooms we had already completed. I felt very confident in letting her have free reign of our office and entry way and was so excited to see the outcome.

The result is not only a functional office space but also an esthetically pleasing space to live in. Not to mention the increase in property value she created by turning a ‘closet’ into an additional room in our home.

When I look back at the before pictures I shudder at the thought of living within that space. It was overwhelming and stress-causing.

Take the entry way alone. Though it wasn’t crazy out of control, we weren’t making the best use of our space. By something as simple as adding two large mirrors (on top another) it created a grand entrance opposed to a boring hallway. This is where Karen’s eye for design shows.

Hunt Studio Design

With custom shelving by Sasha Markovic of Markovic Design Inc, personalized upholstery work by Russell Upholstery, updated paint and effective lighting solutions by Rona, our space turned from flat and chaotic to elegant and calm, functional and inviting.

To see the completed rooms and the amazing ‘after’ pictures you’ll have to tune in!






Sasha Markovic, Markovic Design Inc

197 Exeter Rd Unit G, London ON Tel:  519-878-9858


1305 Commissioners Rd East, London, ON Tel: 519-649-6603

Russell Upholstery

465 Nightingale Ave. London, ON Tel: 519-619-9500


During this week’s episode you get to see Karen create an eye-catching photo wall and she’ll share tips on how to achieve the look. It took careful planning, measuring and leveling to create the design but it was so worth it!

Karen used a handy tool called the Hang & Level by Under The Roof Decorating and today you can enter to win your very own!


The Hang & Level tool is a picture and art hanging tool designed to mark exactly where the nail or hook goes, making it quick and easy to decorate your walls like a true professional.  It will help you to hang your pictures where you want to on the first try; no extra holes or damage to the wall caused by rehanging misaligned frames!


Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Contest open to London residents.

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Condo Chic – Guest Post

Image via Alto Condos

I’m really excited to feature a guest post today by my friend Shelly from The Daisy Diaries

Shelly’s personality is like no other; it’s contagious! Her blog is amazing, just like her. Make sure to stop by and check it out.

I fell in love with The Daisy Diaries from my very first visit. Shelly’s blog focuses on home design, eclectic, one-of-a-kind shops that she stumbles upon and unique storage ideas. 

Shelly has fabulous taste! You can be sure that if she’s chosen to feature something on her blog, then it’s worth learning about.

It seemed only fitting to ask Shelly to do a ‘Condo Chic’ post for City Mom. I would just die to have a large budget; give it to Shelly; give her keys to my condo and let her go wild. 

Perhaps it would look something like this… 

First off, I have to tell you how stinking excited I am to have been invited by Kelly to guest post at City Mom; especially since I simply adore Kelly and her fabulous blog! 

So, thank you Kelly! xo 

I’m Shelly and I blog over at The Daisy Diaries! And let me just say that I am super honoured to be here to share some fabulous Chic Condos with all you amazing City Mom readers! 

I hope you enjoy this bit of eye candy I am dying to share with y’all! 

I lurve all these amazing Condo spaces! The use of neutral colors really allows the architecture to be predominating in all of these spaces. 

I also, just lurve the clean lines and simplicity they all have to offer.  


Image via Alto Condos
Image via Woodsonrow Condos
Image via abuzz
Image via Kochi Architects Studio


Image via Interior Design Company
Image via DeSoto Condos

See what I mean? Yikes! Now, I need to move!

Kelly is there any room in your building? Just teasing! But, I would love to be your neighbour!

Again thanks for having me miss Kelly and to all the City Mom readers, you guys ROCK!!

Love, Shelly xo

Thank you Shelly and the pleasure was all mine!

City Mom

DIY Remodel Before & After


A number of weeks ago I created a post titled Do-It-Yourself Headboard. The post included steps on how to go about making your own headboard at home. In that post I also promised to share photos from our completed bedroom remodel.

I was waiting to do this post until we had completed the project, but life has gotten in the way and we have a few finishing touches to complete before we reach 100 percent. I realized that it may be a while before we make it to completion, so 95 percent was going to have to be good enough.

Our condo is roughly 1650 square feet. Our new master bedroom was smaller than the one we had in our house in the suburbs. Our colour schemes of beige, dark brown and red really worked in the large space, but when we downsized, the colours fell flat. The space looked too small and we felt that a lighter pallet would make it appear larger.

We were able to complete our bedroom remodel for under $1000. We didn’t buy any new furniture; we just did some strategic placing of our existing pieces.





With a few inexpensive decorative accessories and some lighter bed linens, we were able to open up our bedroom and create a unified look.





Patterned wallpaper is back in style!

 We decided to use a busy pattern on one small wall to create an attractive accent piece to the room. I loved getting creative with mixing patterns in this project.





Here you see the DIY headboard covered in a different, yet complimentary pattern to the wallpaper, some retro-style lamps and a few throw pillows in our chosen accent colour. This fabulous wall colour is called Herringbone Grey from the Sarah Richardson’s Paint Collection. We’re still in search of the perfect piece of art for this wall.





Normally I love a neutral taupe colour on any wall, but in this room it just felt dull. We’ve refreshed the look with a colour called Universal Grey that compliments the darker grey nicely.

We’ve cleaned up the exposed cords and placed some more sophisticated accessories to complete the look.





Perhaps the most drastic and least expensive change we made was replacing the boring window shade with luxurious patterned drapes. It adds height and interst to the otherwise plain window. We moved the mirror and placed it on the angled wall to create depth.

So there you have it, our master bedroom remodel before and after. This project took us one weekend. The most difficult part was working with the wallpaper but even that was fairly easy. I love redecorating and changing things up. For this room I found my inspiration from home decor magazines like Style at Home, I love thisCanadian publication!

What redecorating projects have you taken on? Are you changing things up for the Spring/Summer? Share your experiences!

City Mom

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