Holiday Gift Guide: The perfect gift for the iPad & Tablet User


Looking for a unique yet practical gift idea for Christmas? I have just the thing for you and the iPad enthusiast in your life!

The PadPillow – a pillow stand for iPad made by IPEVO , allows you to rest iPad on your lap while you use your wireless keyboard to type (as I am doing now while stretched out on my couch!) or, you can use it to support iPad in front of you, hands free, while you lay down to watch a movie, or simply have it on your lap in front of you while you lay in bed.

As it promises on the packaging, it certainly is versatile, soft and comfy!  It even comes with a removable, machine-washable cover made from 100% cotton fabric and comes in a variety of colours.  Not only is it perfect for iPads but it is also compatible with most tablet computers and my husband even used it with his laptop since the bottom of his computer often gets hot on his lap.

If you’re like me, you take your iPad all over the house with you. Unfortunately, before getting to test this product, I was not aware that anything existed to make my iPad experiences more comfortable; I would roll over on my side in bed so that I could be hands free but then I was looking down at it sideways and would often get a sore neck.

I’m still a breastfeeding mama, so I would often like to look on the iPad while my daughter was feeding and it was difficult to do so without having it raised up.  Now, I can prop it up and check emails or surf the net to multitask as a busy mom.  The ability to sit with my iPad on my lap while I watch TV without getting tired fingers and wrists from holding it has definitely made this my new favourite accessory!

Not only did I get to test this amazing PadPillow, but I was lucky enough to be sent the Perch – Desktop Stand for iPads to test as well.  I often use my iPad to look up recipes as I cook in the kitchen but then I’m constantly looking down at the counter to read and that also gives me a sore neck after hours of cooking.

If you need to reposition the iPad while you’re cooking and you have sticky or dirty hands from cutting/peeling, etc., you get your case all dirty as well.  The Perch allows you to securely mount your iPad in place with a heavy-duty holder so your recipes are accessible at eye-level and it tilts and rotates with precision so there’s no need to touch it with gooey fingers.

It has a heavy-gauge steel base which holds it securely on countertops, desktops and tabletops.
The only issue (and it’s very small) is that the Perch doesn’t fit my iPad with it’s protective case on it so I had to remove it in order for the iPad to fit securely inside, but when weighing out the cost/benefit of this, the advantage that the Perch offers far outweighs the alternative.

Ipevo has certainly listened to the complaints of iPad and tablet users and has brought us some extremely innovative and essential products that I am highly recommending you try this holiday season.



iPevo has such a wide-range of innovative products like the items I’ve mentioned above to USB Superchargers, to document cameras to other iPad and tablet gear that can all be purchased online.


Today I’m excited to offer a giveaway just for City Mom’s US readers! That’s right; today you can enter to win one PadPillow in charcoal grey and one Perch Desktop Stand (S) in black. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck! Open to continental US states, Hawaii and Alaska.

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