Get Paid To Shop: Become a Field Agent {#Giveaway}

Field Agent

Hi I’m City Mom Galore.

I’ve taken a moment out in between assignments to share something with you that I probably shouldn’t, but it’s so great that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

Have you heard of Field Agent before?

Don’t worry if you haven’t. It was new to me too. Field Agent is a really cool iPhone/iPad app that actually pays you to shop.

That’s right.

When you’re out at the supermarket trying to keep Timmy and Jimmy from fighting over the last pack of Gummy Bears, you’ll be getting paid.

When you’re at the coffee shop getting your caffeine fix, you’ll be making some dough.

When you’re checking everyone off of your holiday list while fighting your way through bargain shoppers, you’ll be scoring some cash.

Field Agent is a system that connects people who need information with people who can provide it. It begins by someone requesting specific information via our website. We broadcast the request to people in the field, who we call Agents. The Agents use a mobile device to return the needed info, which they get paid for.


Field Agent is just a year old and there are nearly 12,000 Field Agents across the country supporting many of Canada’s top brands and retailers.

Field Agent Canada is recruiting new Agents country-wide, with a particular need for agents in Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Becoming a Field Agent is as simple as downloading the app and completing an online profile.


Field Agent - Accepting Jobs

As an Agent you’ll be able to look up special assignments (“jobs”) within your specified area. When you see a job near you, accept it and you’ll have two hours to complete the task.

Jobs can include anything from taking product surveys, conducting price checks or snapping a photo of a retail display.  Jobs pay anywhere from $2.oo up to $50.00 but the average job is between $4.00 and $8.00. Right now jobs are available all across Canada. The more agents there are the more jobs that will become available.

And as you complete jobs, your Agent Score increases. The higher your score, the more you are offered the prime, high paying jobs!


Field Agent - Getting Paid

You can choose to save up your funds in your Field Agent account, or you cash out within 48 hours of doing a job through PayPal. Don’t worry; you don’t need a PayPal account to participate. In the case that you don’t have an account, you be emailed the transfer through PayPal and you can send the cash to your own account.

I’ve completed three Field Agent jobs and I’ve made $16.00. That was for visiting places I was going anyway. Your account can really add up. Think of it as extra cash to fund that online shopping habit, or to treat your spouse to a date night.

It’s so fun that you don’t even realize you’re working. The thrill of feeling like an undercover agent is payment enough, but then one day you check your account balance and there’s a nice little chunk of cash.


You can visit to learn more about how the program works. You can also download the app from iTunes by visiting this link.

ENTER TO WIN A $50 Gift Card

You can enter to win a $50 Visa Gift Card just for sharing your Agent Score. Note: you need to download the app first at iTunes.

Please use the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!

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